John Grant Wildlife Artist

My drawings and paintings of birds stem from my lifelong fascination for all that birds are – the beauty of their curves and colours; their vibrant and complex behaviour, mirror-like to the human observer; the resilience and strength that enable them to survive the harshest of environments and span the globe in migration; their critical involvement in every ecosystem; and the fragility with which they face human-wrought changes to the earth.

It has been my good fortune to search out avian treasures in far-flung corners of Australasia, from the high Alps of New Guinea to the coral islands of the Pacific. Through my artwork, it is my wish to share this bounty with as many other people as possible.

My goal is to represent birds as individuals, playing their roles as social and ecological beings, illuminating their environment with their beauty, at the same time as remaining true to the nuances of form and plumage distinguishing each species. I am also especially intrigued by the subtle variations in appearance and behavior that mark the sex and age of each bird, and the movements that reveal their purpose.

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